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Our Guarantee - Straight, Simple, Fair

We are so confident about the Roulette Strategies we offer and the accuracy of our Casino testing that if you 1) use one of the Systems we offer, 2) follow our very specific instructions, and 3) use the bankroll we utilize to successfully test each of our Systems, we will guarantee that you will win money by covering all of your losses if you lose.

You won't find this kind of straightforward guarantee anywhere else because no one else conducts the thorough tests and analysis of both Systems and Casinos that we do.

To claim your money back in case of a loss through the use of any of our Systems, simply use the Live Support link at the top-right and send us the details of your loss for a prompt refund.

Remember that to qualify for a refund you must simply use our Systems, at the tested Casinos, with the bankroll used in our successful tests. To ensure you play at the correct tested Casino for each particular System, always use the link at the bottom of each System (under the "Our Teams' Analysis" section). This ensure you are getting the exact same version of the exact same software we tested.

It couldn't be more straightforward.