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This System uses some of the principles of the Beginner System but with more advanced concepts while still keeping the System relatively simple and straightforward for intermediate players.

To Win money with this System, just follow the 3 simple steps below:

Step 1) Download and install the Tested Casino (click link) that displays a bias in the dozens. This is very important.

Step 2) Deposit at least $200 to bankroll the System (although $300 is recommended). Never deposit less than $50 or you will make the Casino suspicious.

Step 3) Follow the simple System below and you will win an average of approximately $70 an hour:

The Dozens System

Minimum Bankroll Required: $200
Recommended Bankroll: $300

As the name suggests, the Dozens Systems bets only on the 'Dozens' (High/Medium/Low). To ensure you understand what these are, we have illustrated them below:

1) This is a bet on “Low”. You win if any number from 1-12 (inclusive) comes in.

Low Bet

2) This is a bet on "Middle". You win if any number from 13-24 (inclusive) comes in.

Middle Bet

3) This is a bet on "High". You win if any number from 25-36 (inclusive) comes in.

High Bet


So this is how the Dozens System works:

Like the Beginner Martingale System, the Dozens System uses a progressive stake plan to ensure you are covered for the consecutive spins necessary for the Dozen you are betting on to win. With this System, you will win between $1 and $3 for every winning number, regardless of how many losing ones you have had as a result of the progressive stake plan.

Start by printing off this spreadsheet document, and keeping it next to you, with a pen or pencil. The document should look something like this:

The idea with this is to keep a precise record of exactly how the table you are betting on is ‘Running' with regards to the Dozen bets. There is no point in betting at random, so please, be accurate with this. What you need to do is every time you spin the wheel, record whether a ‘Low,' (L) ‘Middle' (M), ‘High' (H), or 'Zero' (0) number drops in.

For example, if you are on a table and spin the wheel ten times, and the following numbers drop in: 4, 11, 36, 14, 20, 25, 2, 33, 13, 16, your table would look like this:

When you begin to play Roulette, do NOT place ANY bets at all. This is very important, patience is key now. Keep spinning the wheel and recording which Dozen sections drop in on your table. What you are waiting for is a consecutive run where ONE of the Dozens has NOT come in for 5 spins. This way, instead of requiring a prohibitively expensive 16 step stake plan, you will only need a much more affordable 11 step stake plan as you will see further below.

For example, say the following numbers now drop into the above table: 32, 17. The table now looks like this:

A ‘Low' number (L) has NOT dropped in for FIVE consecutive spins. It is time to start betting on the 'Low' Dozen using the stake plan below. Pay close attention now as it is critical that you follow the exact stake plan below to ensure you ALWAYS win money overall no matter at which point the Dozen you're betting on hits:


Continuing the example above, you now place bet number 1 (which is $1 as shown in the Stake column) on the ‘Low' section of the board. Spin the wheel. If a low number drops in, congratulations, you just made a $2 gain, now start over. If not, do not worry, simply place bet number 2 ($2) on ‘Low'. Again, if you win, well done, you made up for your previous loss and still made a $3 gain, now start over. If you did not win, don't worry, place bet number 3 ($3) on ‘Low' and so on. Keep placing the bets until you win, then start all over again. By doing this, and sticking to the stake plan shown on the left, you will rarely lose and will ALWAYS win money when your Dozen drops in since you are using a progressive stake plan to ensure you win even after you. You must be precise though.

The chances of a single Dozen not appearing for 16 consecutive spins in a random scenario is 1 in 1/(25/37)^16 = 1 in 530. In other words, you have a 99.8% chance of winning with this System (not 100%, but still very close).

We know that the gains do not appear to be a lot, but if you consider that it is possible to lay up to 70 bets in an hour, your money will quickly add up. All it takes is a bit of time and discipline.

We realize that a few of you may be confused by this, but don't worry, read through it again a few times and it will become very clear.

That really is how simple this System is.


As always, we've analyzed hundreds of Online Casinos and have run over 1 million Roulette spins on each Online Casinos to determine where the Dozens System performed best either due to a particular Dozens bias or another bias influencing the equilibrium of the Dozens. Below you'll find the Online Casino that exhibited the most Dozens-bias and is therefore the most suited for this particular System (and which we have taken the liberty of already opening for you in a new window). Please note that we can only guarantee this System at the tested Casino below.

3.32% bias

The red line above is where the middle (average) of the data set (in black) should be. The green line is where it actually lies, and represents a 2.98% bias (edge) as can be seen on the y-axis.

Note: We test every Casino once a month and update the table above accordingly to ensure our results are always up-to-date.

As you can see from the table above, Enter_Casino had a Dozens-Bias of 3.32%. Considering the House Edge in European Roulette (single-zero) is 2.7%, it is not difficult to see how this bias can make this System quite effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) The table limit isn't high enough, how do I use this system?

>> Table limits refer to Straight Number bets, not Dozen bets, so ignore the table limits as they will not pose a problem for this system.

2) How do I treat 0's?

>> Do not ignore zero's. Count them as neither H, M, or L. For example, if L, 0, M, H, H, M, comes out, you would now start betting on L.

3) Does it matter which currency I play in?

>> No.

5) Which Roulette version should I play?

>> It does not matter. However, we recommend European, single-player as it produces the quickest results.

6) I do not have $200, can I still use this system?

>> Yes, simply wait for a Dozen to not appear for MORE than 5 spins (e.g. 7) and then follow only the necessary first steps of the stake plan (e.g. 9) to ensure you can cover the 16 consecutive spin series (in this example of waiting for 7 spins and following a 9 step stake plan, you would only need an $88 bankroll). Since you are eliminating the last steps of the stake plan, which also happen to be the most expensive, you can dramatically reduce the bankroll required. However, we do not recommend this if you can afford $200 because it will take considerably LONGER for a bet to qualify, so you will win significantly LESS per hour.