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The Roulette industry is perhaps one of the dirtiest industries in the world. The level of scamming has reached epidemic proportions, tarnishing reputable and legitimate operations such as ours. This is a battle we unfortunately have to waste time on every single day because the vast majority of our new clients have been scammed and initially doubt us as a result.

For example, you have no-doubt read some very bad things about us already. If you haven't, just do a Google Search for "andruchi" and you will find everything from negative forum posts to negative reviews on seemingly-legitimate sites. All of them fake. Every single one. So we too are a victim of this industry's much-earned reputation. In fact, things have gotten so bad in this industry that convicted scammers who have done actual jail time for defrauding investors are now peddling their expensive and useless Roulette Systems while creating fake Roulette System Review sites and forums to defame their legitimate competition in order to convince unsuspecting users of the (false) legitimacy of their claims in order to increase sales. It honestly cannot get much worse than that. Perhaps you have even seen the fake "review" about us on the legitimate-sounding It's completely false, but you wouldn't know that from just reading the "review". Don't just take our word for it, that particular site was exposed here. Worst of all, there are hundreds more like it.

So to make things easier for you so you don't get burned again, we will be listing every scam we find on this very page. These have either been reported to us by our clients or uncovered by us as complete scams. Either way, avoid every single system and site on the list below (you ignore our advice at your own peril).


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